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"Brandfarliga heta arbeten" is an industry-specific training course for the construction industry that meets the insurance companies' requirements for the "Heta arbeten" course. You increase your understanding of risk situations in moments where there is a fire risk, which you can directly apply in your work. You gain knowledge of how to carry out work in a fire-safe manner that in any way causes heating, such as welding, soldering, drying or the like. this course gives you the right skills under the guidance of our well-trained teachers.

"Brandfarliga heta arbeten" is a training course for those who work with elements where there is a risk that a fire may occur due to temporary work that in some way causes heating, such as welding, soldering or drying. The training meets the insurance companies' requirements and corresponds to the Fire Protection Association's "Heta arbeten" course. "Brandfarliga heta arbeten" course provides a valid certificate according to the insurance companies conditions.


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The training is aimed at you as the person responsible for the permit,
you who carry out or is a fire watcher at "Brandfarliga Arbeten".

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Knowledge of English in both speech and writing.